Rare Bird Reports
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Rare birds are those birds observed in your local area that are not normally seen during a given time period or have not been observed in the area with  few exceptions, i.e., out of place or out of season.  To determine if either condition holds for the bird you observed, consult the Arkansas Audubon Society's Field List.  Please report your "rare" bird to www.arbirds.org .  To obtain current bird observations by other birders in the state sign-up for ARBIRD, a list server for bird reports.

Glaucous Gull (first year bird) - Jim Dixon photo

Lake Beaverfork, December 13, 2008

Rufous Hummingbird (immature male)

Delos McCauley Photo

Engineer's Park area on Lake Millwood - Sept 13, 2008


Swainson's Hawk (juv.) - Joe Neal Photo

Near Vaughn in Benton County  8/19/08


Least Grebe

Least Grebe discovered at Centerton Hatchery on 8/03/08 by Mike Mlodinow

and Jacque Brown. First record for Arkansas. Photo by Joe Neal.


Piping Plover - Joe Neal

Centerton Hatchery- August 25, 2007


Lazuli Bunting - Carolyn Minson 

photo taken in Hot Springs Village, first week in May 2007


White-winged Scoter

Kelly Jobe photo. Cook's Landing, Little Rock, 3/27/07


Say's Phoebe - Dick Baxter photo

This bird was found in a flooded area in Greene County, Jan. 19,'07.