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ASCA Publications: 

  (Acrobat Reader program, a free download necessary to read the following downloads.)

bulletLatest printed version of our newsletter "The Snipe" in pdf format   
bulletA look back with this 29 year old newsletter from April 1978 when Henry Halberg was editor. Adobe Acrobat needed to read. See above, it's free.

Other  Publications

bulletA copy of the ABA Principles of Birding Ethics in pdf format. Adobe Acrobat needed to read. See above.
bulletThe Arkansas Audubon Society 2009 Field List of Birds. A checklist with arrival and departure dates for the 388 species of birds that have occurred in Arkansas. Download available at This information is valuable as it indicates whether a bird you think you are seeing is in the state at the time you are observing it. For example, hummingbirds are not usually in the state during the winter months; however, if you should observe one, careful notes of its field marks should be taken or ,better yet, photographed  and  reported as a "rare" bird to the Arkansas Audubon Society at